PCCTS Resources and "Notes for New Users of PCCTS"

Maintained by Tom Moog, Polhode, Inc.

PCCTS is the Purdue Compiler-Compiler Tool Set

The PCCTS toolkit was written by Terence J. Parr. His current project is antlr 2 - a complete redesign of pccts, written in Java, that generates Java or C++

Source Code distribution kit for PCCTS 1.33 MR33 (Maintenance Release #33)

Released on 21 April 2002.

This maintenance release contains about 300 changes to the original PCCTS 1.33 kit, including many fixes and some minor features to make life easier. Sorcerer is now distributed as part of the PCCTS kits.

A detailed description of all changes, fixes, and improvements is available in the file "CHANGES_FROM_133.txt".

This maintenance release contains fixes to (or addresses) almost all publicly known problems of PCCTS based on postings to the comp.compilers.tools.pccts newsgroup.


A ready-to-run version of PCCTS 1.33MR33 for Win32/NT/Win2k along with two sample DevStudio PCCTS projects (one simple, one complex).

Notes for New Users

Version 2 of Notes For New Users of PCCTS and extended examples for C++ mode users

Version 1 of Notes For New Users of PCCTS for C mode users

The PCCTS Reference Book

The PCCTS Reference: Language Translation Using PCCTS and C++

Vern Paxson's Flex with PCCTS

Download an example of flex with PCCTS in C++ mode

This example by Philip A. Wilsey is distributed as a zip file of about 4 kBytes. Revised for 1.33MR11 (and later).

Early (and ugly) notes on using flex with pccts in C mode.

These are available due to popular demand, despite my better judgement.

Additional Details

Version 2.22 of Notes for New Users of PCCTS

Version 1 of Notes For New Users of PCCTS for C mode users